~ White Wine ~

Map Maker Sauvignon Blanc
New Zealand
Glass 10 | half Litre 29 | Bottle 40

2027 Riesling
Ontario VQA
Glass 10 | half Litre 29 | Bottle 40

Villa San Martino Pinot Grigio
Glass 10 | half Litre 29 | Bottle 40

Butternut Chardonnay
Glass 11 | half Litre 31 | Bottle 40

Cono Sur Rosé
Bottle 35

Staete Landt Sauvignon Blanc
New Zealand
Bottle 44

Paul Zynck Reisling
Bottle 40

Zonin Prosecco Brut
Bottle (200ml) 14

~ Red Wine ~

Leaping Horse Merlot
Glass 9 | half Litre 24 | Bottle 34

Deloach Pinot Noir
Glass 10 | half Litre 28 | Bottle 40

Masciarelli Montepulciano D’Abruzzo
Glass 10 | half Litre 24 | Bottle 36

Basciano Chianti Rufina
Glass 10 | half Litre 28 | Bottle 38

Hayes Cabernet Sauvignon
Glass 10 | half Litre 29 | Bottle 39

Nugan Shiraz (Second Pass)
Glass 10 | half Litre 30 | Bottle 39

Andeluna 1300 Malbec
Glass 11 | half Litre 32 | Bottle 41

Joseph Phelps Cabernet Sauvignon
Bottle 80

Carione Brunello di Montalcino,
Bottle 53

Masi Amarone Della Valpolicella
Bottle 63

Ironstone Old Vine Zinfandel
Bottle 50

Greenlane Estate Cabernet Franc
Ontario VQA
Bottle 37

Schug Pinot Noir
Bottle 56

Collemattoni, Marcello Bucci, Brunello
Bottle 85

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~ What to expect from Varietal Wines ~

Amarone: Elegant, classical, and savory showing a lot of vibrant fresh cherry and plum fruit. Well integrated smooth fine-grained tannins. richly textured with a very long length.

Brunello: Brunello di Montalcino vintages possess a fleshier texture with common aromas and flavors of blackberry, black cherry, black raspberry, chocolate, leather, and violets.

Cabernet Franc: Typically, a light to medium-bodied wine with more immediate fruit than Cabernet Sauvignon and some of the herbaceous odours evident in unripe Cabernet Sauvignon.

Cabernet Sauvignon: A bold wine known for its depth of flavor, aroma and ability to age (present by the wine’s noticeable tannins). It is full-bodied and intense, with cherry currant and occasionally, herbal flavors.

Chardonnay:  Golden and velvety with hints of fruit, nuts, butter, oak, spice or vanilla and have medium to high acidity.

Chianti: Preserved sour cherries, dried oregano, aged sweet balsamic, dry salami, espresso, sweet tobacco.

Malbec: Ripens midseason. It can bring very deep colour, ample tannin, and a plum-like flavour component to add complexity to claret blends.

Merlot:  Medium to full-bodied wine, with black cherry and herbal flavors. Merlot is typically smooth, soft and mellow.

Montepulciano: Black-fruit driven, chocolatey wines best enjoyed after 4 or more years of aging.

Pinot Grigio:  Dry citrus blend with fresh lemongrass notes.

Pinot Noir: Strawberry, cherry, plum raspberry, mushrooms, earthiness and beetroot are all common characteristics of Pinot Noir.

Prosecco: Pale straw colour; pear, melon and lime flavours; medium bodied with soft spritz; pear and melon flavours followed by lime flavour to finish.

Reisling:  Medium to high acidity and light to medium body with a distinct flowery, fruity aroma.

Rosé: Light, usually somewhat sweet and best served well-chilled.

Sauvignon Blanc: Characterized by a light, crisp acidity. It will often contain several fruit components.

Shiraz: Shiraz, also known as Syrah, can produce giant red wines with strong tannins and complex combinations of flavors including berry, plum and peppery smoke.

Zinfandel: Zinfandel is a spicy, peppery wine, with a hint of fruity flavour – berries or dark cherries are often in the taste range. Whispers of strawberry, plum, raisin, spice, leather, and tar can also be present.