~ Pizza Rustica ~

“You can do irrefutably impossible things with the right amount of planning and
support from intelligent and hardworking people, and pizza.” -Scott M. Gimple

pepperoni | genoa salami | tomato sauce

fresh pear | genoa salami | gorgonzola | honey |
cracked black pepper | candied walnuts

Fig and Duck18
smoked duck breast | prosciutto |
soft smyrna fig | arugula aioli

Bourbon BBQ Chicken18
grilled chicken breast | red onion | banana pepper |
mozzarella | house made bourbon bbq sauce

Roasted Truffled Mushroom18
fresh baby spinach | mushrooms | brie | truffle oil

Italian Pesto*18
roasted red pepper | house made basil pesto | caper | feta |
artichoke hearts | olives | red onion | balsamic reduction

Gluten free crust is available; please ask your server.