~ Dolce ~

“I have a friend whose mantra is: You must choose. And I believe the exact opposite: I think you
should always have at least four desserts that are kind of fighting with each other.” – Nora Ephron

Velvety mascarpone mousse, rich dark espresso, moist lady fingers,
and a touch of cocoa powder all come together in this Italian classic.
Served with our homemade biscotti.

Crème Brûlée9
Baked daily in our kitchen. Please ask your server about today’s featured offering.

Carrot Cake9
Traditional spiced cake with a light cream cheese icing,
toasted coconut, and walnuts.

The Chocolate Pot9
Dark chocolate custard with raspberry compote, caramelized white chocolate,
and candied cocoa nib crumble. Served with a scoop of vanilla bean ice cream.

Seasonal Crust-Less Cheesecake9
From our bakers, a rich traditional New York Style cheesecake.
Please ask your server about today’s featured flavour.

Apple Bread Pudding9
This delightful comfort food is drizzled with our homemade caramel sauce,
and served warm. Balanced with a generous scoop of vanilla bean ice cream.

Homemade Gelato Trio7
Seasonal selection