~ Craft Beer ~

Always on tap7
(18 oz.)

Mill Street Organic
Delicate floral-herbal aroma; light palate with malty flavour,
balanced by a hint of hoppy bitterness.

Mill Street Tankhouse
Aromas of citrus and spice with roasted notes; complex malty
texture with a snappy bitterness from the cascade hops.

Wellington’s Trailhead
A careful balance of malt sweetness and clean,
crisp hop bitterness.

Beau’s Lugtread
Displays interwoven malt and hop flavours, subtle
fruit notes, and a crisp, lingering finish. A satisfying
Graham cracker malt character mingles beautifully
with notes of freshly cut hay.

Characterized by a floral hop aroma, sweet graininess
with distinctive grassy notes, and balanced with a clean,
crisp finish and pleasant lingering bitterness.

Ask Us About Our Rotating Draught 7
(16 oz.)

~ Cocktails ~

Classic Cocktails8
(1.5 oz.)

Old Fashioned
Canadian Club Rye, simple syrup, bitters,
orange slice, maraschino cherry

Bloody Caesar
Smirnoff Vodka, Clamato, worcestershire sauce,
tobasco, celery salt, spiced rim, lime juice, antipasti skewer

Canadian Club Rye, sweet vermouth,
bitters, maraschino cherry

Mai Thai
Dark rum, light rum, lime juice,
pineapple juice, grenadine

Off the Beaten Path8

Pink Rose
Dillon’s Rose Gin, orange juice,
lemon juice, bitters, grenadine

Vanilla Cola
Dark rum, Galliano, Cola

Chocolate Covered Strawberry
Crème de Cacao, vanilla vodka, Tequila Rose

Upper-class Screwdriver
Chambord, Smirnoff Vodka, orange juice, soda

Cavallo Whisky Sour
Canadian Club Rye, lime juice, grenadine

Premium Rail6
(1 oz.)

Smirnoff Vodka

Canadian Club Rye

Bacardi White Rum

Cuervo Tequila

Gordons Gin

Scotch Whisky
(1 oz.)

Chivas Regal8
12 year old | Blend

J.W. Black8
12 year old | Blend

12 year old | Highland

12 year old | Highland

Distillers Edition | Skye Isle

14 year old | Highland

15 year old | Highland

18 year old | Highland

Highland Park30
18 year old | Orkney